Sections below include audio sermon lessons and interviews on Unity Radio.

Amazing Grace

If we do not feel the joy, see the magic and wonder in life, then we can engage in a spiritual (subtle, not visible) practice in order to awaken to the awareness of the Truth of our divine being.

Kriya Yoga

Even if you never learn any yoga moves, the underlying tenants reflected in yoga movement supports the basic focus on right action, right thinking, and right feeling, which can guide and improve your life. Spiritual leader Ron Lindahn shares how the beliefs embodied in Kriya Yoga relieves suffering and brings peace and harmony.


Ron Lindahn shares a way to decide what our life story will be and how to make that story a reality. Through a combination of letting go, listening to our intuition, acting ethically and with resolve on what we know, and then using meditation to adjust as we progress.


Ron Lindahn reminds us of our ability to create the future you can imagine, using the abilities we have as we are a portion of God. Creation is God's purpose through each of us. As the object of a dance is to dance, the object of life is to live.

Ron Talks

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